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Norwegian Fabric

Look at the lovely fabric my nephew Shane brought back from Norway for me. I helped him by saving money each month so he could go on this soccer trip. I teased him and told him he would have to get me some fabric if I helped. HE DID IT! And it's so pretty. Now I have to figure out a good project for this. I bet it will go great with the Dutch fabric my mom and sister got me.

Thanks for looking and I apologize for the funky pictures in my previous post. I took them with my new phone and emailed it to myself and cropped. Not sure what I did wrong. Took this picture with my iPad through Instagram.



Quiltedtime said…
What a good nephew! He has good taste, too. That fabric would work with about anything.
Anonymous said…
You have a great nephew!! Obviously he loves his Aunt Barb.
Edith said…
Beautiful fabrics! How nice of him to get you these.