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FMQ Challenge, Ties, Pillows, Halloween and some Scrapbooking

I don't have internet at home right now - well it's there, it's just my laptop won't connect.  It goes to the PC doctors this Thursday or Friday for some repairs and until then, I have no internet except through my phone. So because of that, I got a lot done this weekend.  First and foremost, I did my FMQ challenge.  The teacher this month is Wendy Sheppard - this month was the hardest for me.  We had to do these cute little jester hats.  However mine look more like bats that had no rhyme or reason.  My paper doodling was much better.  However this does fill the space and is a lot different from the scribbling or meandering.

I dedicated this weekend to making boutique items for our guild.  We are having our first annual boutique in October and no one is sure what type of items will sell so we're trying all different kind of things.  The first things I made were these ties.  The blog where I got the pattern for the bow ties doesn't seem to be up anymore.  The neckties were from Sharing the Wealth.  I will be getting some velcro to put on the elastic of the neck ties.  After reading more blogs, it was suggested that to prevent any choking they need to have quick releases.

Also had these left over red and white pieces from a previous project.

And then for fun and a quick paper piecing project...I found this cute little pumpkin pattern from Artisania.
And since I didn't have internet and could only work on my laptop off line - I got 3 digital scrapbook pages done for my sister-in-law/niece/nephew. I did a 4th page but that page didn't seem to copy over to the thumb drive last night.


  1. Well, Miss Barbara, I think you were busier than me this weekend. I really like your machine quilting sampler. You did a great job on it.

  2. Love all of the little boutique items. Hope your computer is better soon!

  3. Funny that Harley spells his last name different than ours... maybe because he doesn't have an opposable thumb, the "e" is harder to make than an "o".... weird!


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