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Circle Pizzazz Quilt and some other stuff

I took Judy Sisneros' class called Circle Pizzazz two weeks ago through our guild.  Since I borrowed the templates I had to cut and make the quilt so I could give them back.  Everyone was using batiks and patterned fabrics and all kinds of combos.  I was the only one to attempt solid hand-dyes.  I really like how it came out.  My goal was to use "cool" colors in the background and "warm" colors in the circles.

I also decided to do a little, and I mean little, organizing today.  My friend Adena had a 3 tiered rack next to her machine and I liked that so I went to Hobby Lobby today and found this.  I had to move the bulletin board up and while doing that, I cleaned it up a bit.
 Also changed a light switch plate in my dining room.  The old one I had wrapped in textured wallpaper and painted it years ago and it was kind of falling apart and was bugging me for months.
 Then while at Hobby Lobby I found more hooks for my necklaces.  I had the big one in the middle and it was getting hard to get a necklace off of it.
 Thanks for looking.


  1. Love the "organizing" stuff. I am forever looking for storage for under my cutting table! Love the quilt too. Looks awesome in solids.

  2. Barbara, your quilt is wonderful. I stand in awe of your work.


  3. I can't believe how fast you got that quilt together. You are amazing.

  4. Your quilt is so modern looking to me, it is gorgeous !

  5. Great ideas for things aroung the house.
    Love the quilt!! Did you make the border "curved" or is that just the photo?

  6. Wow! Your circle quilt really sparkles in the photo. Can't wait to see how you quilted it.

  7. Ditto what everyone else says.

    I bought a new switchplate cover today. I should have gotten something better than white plastic, but it was for the laundry room...


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