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Shades of Gray - The Quilt (Not the book)

Another finish.  The top was completed at the retreat in Cambria a few weeks ago.  I pinned it last weekend at my folks and spent the rest of the week quilting an all over feather design all around the quilt.
The pattern and fabric that I bought at Road 2 California in January (yes I added to the kit)
to this!!!!
checked binding
The kit came with these cotton sateens and some velvets.  Lots of texture.
Two more pinned quilts to work on this week.
Thanks for looking.


  1. Love the quilt and read the book!
    Your feathers look great!

  2. Great work, Barb! I like your feathers and your snappy plaid binding.

  3. Very good, you were holding out on the show and tell on Sunday! :)

  4. Beautiful! Love the subtleties, shades and texture in your quilt.

  5. Great job! Love your feather pantograph.

  6. Another fun one! Oh, to be so productive!! :)


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