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Blizzard in Blue or Finally the Blue and White Quilt is DONE

A few years ago I decided I needed a blue and white Christmas quilt for my guest bedroom which is painted, blue and white.  Go figure, right?  So at Road 2 California a few years ago and ever since then, I have been collecting blue and white fabrics with silver metallics on it.
 This is the final quilt that I made with all those fabrics.  It's a pattern I found in Quilters World December 2008 and was designed by Karla Schulz.  Her quilt had grey where I had some of the light blue and gray in the sashing. I had to use the valued fabrics where I could because I only had so much of each color.  I have absolutely no medium/light blue's left and I had to squeeze in some dark blue that has no metallic silver in it.  (Gasp!)  But I bet you wouldn't find it.  I used some silver metallic thread in some of the areas.
A silver snowflake in each big white square.
A simple straight line snowflake with white thread in the small corners.
Silver flurries in the sashing.
And silver flurries in the border.
Whew!  It took over 3 hours to machine quilt each block and there are 9 blocks.  The piecing is pretty good except in the square in the square blocks in the sashing.  I don't know what happened - but since I had no more medium blues to use I had to make those work.  The pattern name is Blizzard in Blue but I want to name it something like Glisten since I used a lot of metallic fabrics and threads.

Thanks for looking.  Pictures of my grandson coming soon since I get to see him this weekend.


  1. Exquisite, Barb. I have been collecting those colors for many years as well for a undecided but future quilt. They are so fresh and attractive.

  2. Great job again. I can hardly wait to see it in person!

  3. Oh it's fabulous!!! Amazing job...I always love blue n white quilts.

  4. I really like it. it makes me fell cooler!


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