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A Whole Lot of Cuteness

In the form of my grandson and quilt show loot!

First, my grandson's first birthday was today.  Guess what the theme was?
My step-daughter and her mom did a great job - there was cookie monster stuff all over the place.  Kids with blue fingers and mouths all over too.  The photos in the back were done by their friend who is a professional photographer.  He also did their wedding photos.  I hope to be ordering some of those soon.

She made a big cookie monster cake for Jack to eat.  He was not all that impressed.  He looked at it, he looked away and wanted away - maybe it was all the people standing around him and singing.  Here's a picture and a little video.

And then great-grandpa cleaned and put a new mane on this wonderful horse.  He made this for Kelly on Christmas right after her first birthday (She's 27 now).  Now it belongs to Jack.  And Jack liked it although he will need to be supervised as he is still a little unstable.
And here's a picture of Jack with his Grandpa Jeff and Great Grandpa Al (the maker of the horse).
He did very well considering there were so many people around.  And I think he is soooo darned cute.

On Saturday I went to the Pacific International Quilt Show in Santa Clara with 3 other friends.  I took over 60 pictures of quilts with most of them coming out okay.  I did very well and only bought a couple things:  2 stencils, 2 spools thread, needles, a thread stand, and 2 pieces of radiance fabric and a couple more pieces of Halloween fabric.  Oh, yea, I bought Artista Version 6 software for my embroidery.  My new laptop comes next week so hopefully by next weekend I'll be catching up on my embroidery projects. I couldn't resist the show special price - saved a ton.
Thanks for looking.


Suzanne Kistler said…
Jack has already had a birthday?!! Time flies!!!
QuiltedSquid said…
Cute party! Love the loot you bought! I see so fine fav!
Janet said…
What a darling wee man, it looks like the cake was a great hit.
sewmuchfun said…
Jack is so cute. Great to see pics. Had a great time at the show with you too!