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Next Year at this Time

I hope to be in Houston or on my way at least because next year I'm going.  (Can't do the market thing but definitely the show.)
Thursday night I finished the latest Whisper Quilt (which I can't show) and yesterday I requilted the first one - I painted on the first one and it was absolutely horrible.  I took pictures and sometime next year, you will all see them.  So far I love each and every quilt I've made for this challenge.

This is what I've been working on today.  I started this quilt started at the spring retreat in Cambria where I got all the bottom of the baskets done and at the last retreat I finished cutting out all the parts and started ironing them on.  A couple Friday's ago I finished ironing all the pieces on so today I started the button hole stitching.  It's tedious but this will be a beautiful summer quilt.  It's a free pattern from Moda Bake Shop.  Of course I'm making it bigger than the pattern calls for so instead of 12 blocks I am making 24.

And to end on a cute note - here are two pictures my step-daughter sent of my grandson Jack.  It's amazing how fast he's growing up.
The boy loves his food - amazingly he gets food in his mouth.

Anyhow, going to a birthday party tomorrow and need to do some house cleaning.

Thanks for looking.


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