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I'm Embroidering Again and Loose Threads meets again

Made 5 "in the hoop" phone holders - one for my mom, one for each of my sisters, one for a girl at work and one for my sister-in-law.  I also made 6 labels.  2 are shown here, 3 I can't show because they are for my Whisper Challenge quilts and one was still stitching when I took the picture.  I got Bernina embroidery software version 6 at the PIQF show and was afraid to load it in case it caused me problems.  I had problems all week copying stuff from my old laptop to the new so I was really afraid to load a big program like that.  It has so much to it that I believe I will need to take classes on how to use it all.  I couldn't figure out how to even delete part of a design.  But I adjusted and made it work.

On Wednesday, the Loose Thread ladies came to my house.  It wasn't a "whisper challenge transfer" month, but we did have some birthday gifts for Janice.
Barbara Sawyer - 1 of 3 hexie balls for Janice (2 not yet made)

Sara Kelly made this for Janice.

I think Grace Hoya made this for her.

Anna Koelewyn made this for Janice.

This is what I made her.
Since a few of the ladies have missed previous months, we had some other gifts to give.
This is another Crack piece for  Sara from Janice.
(Crack of Dawn)

I want to say that Janice  made this for Barbara Sawyer.

Janice had this to give to Karen Taber
Janice made this for Karen.
So that's been it.  I still have to load Photoshop on my pretty new red laptop then I just have to test iTunes to make sure my iPod and iPhone will transfer okay.  So far iTunes was the only thing that has given me the hardest time.

Wish me luck and thanks for looking.


  1. The version software is wonderful- you will see. If you do not get a class nearby try School of digitizing online. Jackie teach with webinars and she has a "course" ready for v6 basics.

  2. Let me guess... my phone holder matches my laptop case... GOODIE!

  3. Pretty cool gifts. They are so lucky to have friends like you!It is not only the month for Halloween, but breast cancer awareness month!!! Treat yourself or a loved one because you care! I am just stopping by with a reminder to do your self breast exam.
    Here's a fun place to start! Everybody loves boob lube!

  4. So glad your embroidery program worked. Your projects turned out great!


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