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Another Scrap Therapy finsihed and I finally met my grandson

Won't be a lot of quilting going on here this week.  I'm having a big birthday party this coming weekend and I need to get busy cleaning and cooking.  But I wanted to get this Scrap Therapy project done before and I finally finished it last night.  I will probably be donating to our guilds charity quilt program.
It's made with a lot of the scraps I cut from my grandson's baby quilt.  Maybe I'll keep it and give it to him for his 1st birthday.  Speaking of my grandson, I got my husband to drive to Livermore yesterday so we could meet him.  He was not happy - 6 hours of driving for a one hour visit.  He wouldn't even hold him.  Said he was too small.  I was pretty nervous myself.  And since I was holding him the whole time, I was unable to get more pictures.

Happy Halloween everyone.  We don't have street lights so we never get any trick or treaters here so I don't get to see all those fun Halloween costumes.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Your new quilt is beautiful and you and Jack look. Great together.

  2. What a great photo of you and Jack. Could be a lovely portrait quilt.

  3. I do love that picture of you and Jack. So it's true...there is a birthday party. But if it is your party, why do you have to clean?


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