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Mark Lipinski's Creative Mojo radio

I'm going to be on it on Wednesday.  Check it out.  He asked on Facebook this morning "Are you a happy member of a quilt guild?  I need quilters who love their guilds and think quilting guilds and creative groups are necessary."  So I emailed and they responded that they want me on. 

Here's the where and when. 

Wednesday, October 6th at around 1:00 PST (or 4 EST). You can listen by
going to on your computer and click on the
listen live button on the right hand side of the page. It will also be
available as a podcast a couple hours after it airs.

I hope I can  get through it without stumbling on my words.  

 Then on Thursday night, I was asked to do a trunk show at our guild.  I've got all my notes ready - I'm cleaning some quilts now so I can pack them and get them ready.  

I was at a retreat this weekend with my Material Girls friendship group (there were 9 of the 17 of us) in Pismo Beach.  I got a lot done but of course didn't get everything done that I brought.  A little visit to the emergency ward for some burned fingers put me back a couple hours.  As usual, we ate well, laughed a lot and entertained a lot of the people from the trailer park (we use the community room at a trailer park).  

I got this top almost done.  I ran out of the aqua color to do the raw edge applique.  It's a Cherrywood Fabric kit.  Luckily I'm going to Pacific International in 2 weeks so I can pick some more up then.  I also finished two table toppers to go on my nightstands that are Halloween fabrics on one side and fall fabrics to match my fall quilt on the other side.  (Sorry forgot to take pictures.)  I also cut out the fabrics for a Fresh Fig Vintage Postcard top.  (There are 12 of them and I've only finished one so far - this would be number 2.)

My friend Sheila made 2 of these cute around the world baby quilts.  This one in purple and the other in pinks.  So sweet.
My friend Kathy has been working on this quilt for about a year.  Part of that time she was looking for more of the material.  She wanted a kings sized quilt and she got it.

Debbie finished these two tops.  She was a busy girl.  The one with the red border (LOVE THAT FABRIC) was made with Kaffe Fasset material.  And the floral one below was made with all scraps that she had. 
Rita picked up this pastel quilt at a quilt shop on the way to the retreat and finished that and finished a lot of blocks for another quilt.

I didn't get pictures of everything people finished.  There was a lot of bindings being finished and the starts or re-starts of a few other projects. 

Don't forget to listen to Mark Lipinski's Creative Mojo radio show this Wednesday.  You can listen to his past shows - follow the link above and you can get podcasts of his other shows. 

Thanks for looking.