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Postcards, Block of the Month and an almost finished

I will be leaving on vacation for over a week to go to my nephews wedding back east, so I thought I'd post this quilt even though it isn't quilted yet. 
I started this when I went to Cambria a few weeks ago and started finishing up the blocks this week.  With the help of a friend Janice (who completed 2 blocks for me since she was looking for something mindless to sew) I was able to put the top together yesterday.  I will not be adding any other borders, it has a small white one just to keep the edges from stretching, all the block cut edges are on the bias).  Anyway, my husband had to hold it up for me to take the photo and he deemed it long enough for him to use.  So, yipee - he just got himself another quilt.  You would think I would have used up all my strip stash but my box is still 1/2 full.  And it's not that big of a box. 

Last year I won some double wedding ring blocks through the guilds block of the month program.  I ended up with 5 blocks (a block has two of the football shaped pieces plus the center).  Since I didn't enjoy the process all that much I thought I would make a long table runner - but after looking at them and playing with them, I unassembled most of the blocks and put them back together with the right size pieces and decided a 3 ring runner was good enough.  It's still not straight and I couldn't figure out how to make it right so again, I just called it done, quilted it, bound it and that was it.  And purples really aren't my color either.
And last weekend our guild had a free postcard making class so I took it and made 2 of the 3 of these postcards.  Had to go shopping after (had a gift card burning a hole in my pocket) and was specifically looking for fabrics to use for postcards.  Thought the veggie material had potential.  Our guild decided to not trade ATC's this year, but to have people make postcards and show them each month.  The lady in charge of the committee is also working on something fun to do with them but it is a secret. 
That's me on the right.  I have 3 dogs--2 weiners and a Jack Russel.  Of course, the two really aren't weiners but they could be if you use your imagination.  These are fun to make and I look forward to a year of making and mailing these out to friends and family. 

Like I said, I'm off on vacation, without the hubby again.  He hates planes and wouldn't come.  I even lured him with a side trip to DC to go to the Smithsonian, but no, he said he'll stay here and watch the dogs.  I fly out with my brother, his wife (my Scrabble partner and yes I have a travel game already in my tote) and his two young kids early this week.  It should be loads of fun with family.