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Back from Vacation

My oldest nephew and his beautiful bride were married last week and I had the joy of celebrating with them.  Here they are.  The wedding was at a botanical garden in Massachusettes somewhere.  
We did a lot of this vacation besides the wedding.  We went to Salem, had lobster in Maine, did the Freedom Trail in the rain, went to Springfield museum (they had a cool lego exhibit), went to the New England Aquarium and attempted to go to a Red Sox game, got to Fenway, got our beer and dogs, and waited for the rain to stop so they could start the game.  But, it was delayed and since we were flying out the next day, we never got to see the game.  We tried to keep busy.  Don't know if and when we'll ever get to the East coast again.  I did make it to two quilt stores too.

These are my nephews and my niece.  Claire was the flower girl. 
And here is a picture of my parents and siblings.  My sister on the right was the mother of the groom. 

So since I've been gone for over a week, I haven't done any sewing.  Came home from work tonight and still tired so didn't start anything else.  I have a lot to do.  I have to work on the Loose Threads project, the word this month is tranquil and my life has been anything but tranquil lately and am finding it hard to figure out what I want to do.  I have to finish the block of the month quilt - the  blocks are done - just need to put them together and border them.  To make it the size I want, I will need to find more checked fabric. 

Anyway, that's been my life the last week or so.  Travel and family.


  1. Great pictures Barb, looks like a beautiful wedding.


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