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Don't look mom....

well, I'm sure you'll look anyway and since you chose the pattern for the Christmas tree skirt, I guess it wouldn't hurt for you to peek at it.  I finished it yesterday.  Still have to name it.  Any suggestions? 

This was a kit called Holidays at Home by Bloom Creek.  It was not meant to be a skirt but I went ahead and cut a circle out the middle and a slit in the back and added some ties. This is made with the striped material, you know the ones, with different 2.5" strips on one fabric.  Interesting ways to use those stripes to make 1/2 square triangles, and strip pieces.  It's a big skirt but my mom has her tree in the middle of their entry hall and really needed a big skirt to go all around it. 

Other than finishing this quilt, I have my nephews quilt still pinned and ready to quilt, another full sized quilt to quilt for a friend, the guild asked me to quilt the opportunity quilt runner (a smaller version of the original for a guild giveaway) and I just finished putting together and wrapping a ribbon quilt that my art friendship group Loose Threads made for one of the girls. 

I also went to the Tulare Historical Museum where my friend Debbie Van Fossen and her friend Ann Hinman have a display called "Summer Splendor:  Quilts by Ann Hinman and Debbie Van Fossen".  It's a nice combination of  traditional applique and hand quilting and traditional quilting with a twist.  Debbie has a blog called  quiltcrazydebbie.    She hasn't updated it lately--I'll have to remind her to do that soon.  At least brag about this show.  It runs through September 4 so if you are in the central valley of California, give it a look-see.

Tomorrow I'm going to the Lemoore Park for their big 4th of July celebration and our guild rents a few booths for opportunity quilt ticket sales and our silent little quilt auction.  It will be hot but we always have fun showing off our art.

Have a happy and safe holiday everyone.  


  1. This wonderful quilt/skirt should make your mother's tree and entryway magnificent. Another tour de force by you!

  2. You are the fastest quilter I know. Love it!

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