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Cool, Cool Cambria Retreat

While the temperatures were about 100 degrees here in the central valley, 5 of my Material Girl friends cooled off in Cambria for a mini retreat.  It was full of fun, food and laughter as most quilt retreats are. 
 Here is 5 of us on a walk on the East-West ranch - right on the coast line.  Snagged some guy to take our picture.  Anna stayed back at the house to stand guard.

The only bad thing that happened this weekend (beside popping waistband buttons because of all the food) was on Friday my sewing machine had a Fatal Error and pretty much stopped working.  It will be going to the hospital this week.  Luckily another wonderful friend was coming to Cambria and happened to have her machine.  She actually brought it to come sew with us for a day, but she sacrificed her time with us so I could sew the rest of the weekend.  So BECKY K.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!  I owe you big time.  But on to the pictures. 

One of my quickie finishes.  It was a kit.  Super easy.  (I also believe this is on my resolution list- yea)
Will be making more of these - trying to use my strip scraps.

And a little minkee blanket for Baby Jack.  No batting so it's super supple and lightweight. 
Deolinda finished this lovely table cover in no time.  She also worked on a raggy quilt and a raggy jacket but I didn't get pictures.  But I did get this photo.  She is also part of my Loose Thread group (well used to be) and we all got together and made her this worm. 
Next is Anna's finish...
This is a quilt for one of her granddaughters.  She also worked on some applique prep work for a challenge she's working one.
 Above is Janice and a part of a huge quilt she made this weekend.  Right before we left, she finished some 1/2 square triangles (a lot of them) for part of the outer border.
 She also finished this little doozie. 
Kathy worked on this lovely piece above and also her Bella Bella quilt until she ran out of fabric.

And here is our workspace.  We can get six people sewing in this little room.  We have 2 ironing stations and a cutting area in the living room.

As much as I liked it there, it's always good to go home and sleep in your own bed.  Thanks to all my friends for a most enjoyable weekend. 


  1. I love Jack's quilt!!! I can't wait to snuggle him in it! YAY!

  2. You put my girls weekend to shame! All we accomplish is the eating part! But it's all about being together and having fun! We do what we do best, you do what you do best. Oh, we drink too! Suppose that would make sewing a straight line a little harder.


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