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Part 1 of the Material Girls Challenge

Our friendship group of 17 wonderful talented ladies exchanged our signature blocks.  The challenge was to make the blocks we each chose, sign our names and exchange them today.  Part 2 of the challenge is to put these blocks into a quilt.  I'll start with my blocks.
I asked for 6" finished blocks using ocean colors (blue, greens) .
Lynn asked for black and white blocks.  (this was the first picture off my camera and I thought I set my camera up for black and white and thought all the pictures were going to be black and white.  Duh!)
Carol wanted fan blocks using oriental fabrics with black center and white outside circle.
Kathy Morrison wanted Halloween blocks.
Maxine wanted Christmas blocks.
Barbara B also wanted Halloween blocks.
Anna chose blocks using bright orange and hot pink.  We could use any other color except black.
Pam wanted Sunbonnet Sues.
Janice also wanted Sunbonnet Sues (she's a teacher so a lot of these have books or apples).
Sheila also wanted Sunbonnet Sues using 30's fabrics.
Elaine also wanted Sunbonnet Sues.
Sue wanted 12" finished blue and white blocks and she provided the white fabric.
Adena wanted all neutrals. 
Rita wanted black/white and red.
Diane was looking for fall blocks.
Deolinda chose blocks with lime green and turquoise.
And Debbie also wanted Halloween blocks.
So much fun.  Can't wait to see them all finished.  Some of us had problems reading the requests for sizes - it got confusing at first.  I even had a check off sheet and missed the size that Deolinda wanted.  (It looks like I wasn't the only one.)

After our lunch, Elaine and I went and cheered Adena (sew4real) at her Roller Derby game.  They were way behind (by 30 points) but pulled ahead and won the game.

Tomorrow some of us are on our way to Fresno for the Wrinkles show (matinee) and then dinner at the Elephant Bar.  It's kind of annual thing for us.

Until them I'm sitting in my sewing room, staring at my blocks on the my design wall and trying to figure out what do with them.  I don't want to wait until the last minute to finish that.

Until the next time....


  1. I had so much fun yesterday! I loved everyones blocks. Thanks so much.

  2. Wow. Those are amazing. I especially like the Halloween and fall blocks!

  3. Love all the blocks. There's going to be some great quilts there

    Love and hugs Gina xxx


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