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The Great Reveals

I'm finally able to show some quilts because the guild had their big reveal night - we revealed the mystery and had our challenge quilt competition.

The challenge was we had to make a quilt that represents the 60's.  We were also given a piece of tye-dyed fabric to use.  I searched the web for inspiration and found Milton Glaser's art from Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits album (1966).  (Picture shown after my quilt.)  I didn't want to use Mr. Dylans profile so I used my nieces profile and I added some 60ish stuff (marijuana, peace sign, happy face, flower and the words groovy).  I won a gift certificate (I think I won most outrageous).

I really like it and it's already been sold.  A lady I work with said it will go perfectly in her home.  Here's Milton Glaser's art that inspired this.

I was in charge of the guild's mystery quilt (where clues are given each month) and tonight those who played showed their finished tops.  This was my quilt.
Everyone's came out so great and each one so different.  This is a scrappy mystery.

That's it.   So glad I can finally show these.  The mystery quilt has been done since last August.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Barbara, you are so talented. Your 60s quilt is awesome!

  2. Oh, Claire's profile is so much cuter than Bob's... good choice!

  3. Wow.. I love the 60's piece. I would never have thought to look for that type of inspiration. You are one creative lady!


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