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A Finish I Can Show

This is a Scrap-Therapy finish.  The original pattern has scottie dogs but since I'm a Doxie owner, I thought that would be too cruel, so I found a picture of a doxie and enlarged it and made this.  I love it.  Used a lot of 2" scraps and I used all flannel pieces on the back and got rid of some big scraps.
I spent all day yesterday machine quilting it - did it simply.  Straight lines in the checked sashing, scribbling in the beige part, paw prints in the white border and just circling the white circles in the outer border.  Finished the binding tonight.  Named it Foxy Doxie.    Yea me!  More finished projects to show on Friday after Thursday guild meeting.


  1. Love it Barbara ... I'm a doxie owner too. We're down to just two dogs right now - our Ba'el (8) and our Toby (6). We lost our Archer right before Christmas to Diabetes which developed into pancreatitis, and then congestive heart failure. And just three weeks ago we lost our Ezri. We had to have her put down because the bulging disc problem in her neck reared its' ugly head again. This was the second time for the neck problem, but she had gone through three back surgeries in her 10 years.

  2. Bravo, Barbie!!! You're so awesome!

  3. That is too cute! You must get your talent from your older sister!

  4. Way cuter than Scotties! Do the dogs get to use it?


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