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Paint Chip Challenges revealed

Every year my friendship group has a challenge.  We usually decide in December or January what our challenge will be and then we reveal the challenges at our Christmas party.  Today was the day of the big reveal.  I gave each person a paint chip with 5 or more colors on it and the challenge was to make a quilt using at least  5 of the colors on the chip, we could add one more color and it must have at least one bead on it.  I took pictures of the finished quilts with the paint chips, however the glare from the camera bounced back on the chip so some are hard to see.  I belong to such a talented girls.

This is Kathy M's quilt and her paint chip.  It was great that her chip matched the fabric line exactly.

 Dear Rita B.  had the pattern, the material and just picked up her fusible to work on the quilt but at bowling that night, she tripped and broke her wrist/arm and it was in a cast for 8 weeks so she was unable to work on it.  We can't wait for her to heal enough to make this beauty.

Debbie V. said this beauty took her 5 months.  I can believe it.  The 9-patch blocks are so very small but what really makes this quilt is is her machine quilting.

Adena's colors were pastel and after playing with several colors decided to use the taupe color as her additional color.  I love the combo - so pretty.  I know that at 8 last night she hadn't even pieced the border - amazing what she did at Cut Throat Quilters last night.

Barbara B. made this garden quilt.  She was one of the few with quite a few colors to choose from and she used  most of them.  She even painted on a few of the items.

Deolinda only had 5 colors on her chip and she didn't even need to use another color.  She hand quilted with the big stitch which gives this a cool look and she used beads and buttons all over.  
Janice M. did NOT like her paint ship and figured she'd hate the quilt.  However, like all good quilters she took the challenge and made a piece of art and she said she really likes her quilt now.  She used all kinds of techniques - folded, pleated,  beaded (which she does my machine).

Elaine forgot her paint chip but she said she didn't think she'd like her quilt since she didn't really like her paint chip either.  I love it and so does she.

Here's my piece.  I hinted at this and showed the paint chip in an earlier thread here.

Anna K. did an amazing job with her piece.  Last Saturday when we did the studio tours, she had the background done and on her design wall which I thought was pretty in itself - but look at this!  Another work of art.  She used velvet for the grapes and some wonderful trims for the vines and all the fabric was shiny and sparkly and so pretty.

Sue was inspired by a postcard she got at the Cambria Pines Lodge of an old barn.  She heard a few of us talking about our latest design book lesson on being inspired by photos so she took on that additional challenge.  The colors are perfect match to her paint chips. 

Diane's beautiful handwork just shines in her challenge.  She's our expert hand appliquer and she outdid herself again this year. 

These three ladies (Pam, Sheila and Lynn-Marie) all had invisible quilts.  They chose not to participate this year but cheered us on.

Carol C. challenged herself to finish some started projects this year instead of starting a new one and she accomplished finishing these 2 very large quilts.

Lunch was fantastic and as usual we laughed and had a good time.  Thank you Diane for hosting us again this year.    We decided to do signature blocks this next year - however we each said what colors or theme we wanted our blocks to be and then we will meet in June to get our blocks.  Then we have until December 2010 to put the blocks together.  What fun!


  1. Fun to see all the different styles of quilters.

  2. I love all the quilts especially the invisible ones ... what a hoot. THANK

  3. Bravo!! You all met the challenge head on and created some awesome quilts!

  4. Great post Barb. You told the story really nicely. I didn't have the inclination to go into depth....and I like your pics! Nice job.

  5. Barbara,
    What a fun and talented group you hang out with!! Those quilt are so different and artistic. How was it decided which paint chips every one received?

  6. Awesome quilt show Barbara! Thanks for posting it!! :)


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