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Paint Chip Challenge

One of my friendship groups, Material Girls, has a challenge each year that we decide on in January (or thereabouts) and then we reveal them at our Christmas party. So that gives us all a good amount of time to finish them. However, most of us wait until the last minute. I did not this year. The challenge this year was a paint chip challenge. I picked up all these paint chip color packs, numbered them and we drew names and numbers so each of us got chips with colors we may not have chosen for ourselves, hence the challenge. The rules are to use at least 5 colors of the chip (some had only 5, some had more) and they have to use as close to the colors on the chip, they can add one additional color (I used a green) and to throw in a little glitz, they must use beads somewhere on the quilt. The above picture shows a hint of mine (can't reveal the whole thing in case any of them check the blog.) But I've been working so hard on this for a few weeks I just had to show someone at least a piece of it so you all don't think I'm slacking in my quilting. It is done except for the beading and the label. That I will do when it gets a little cooler - it's too hot to sit with a quilt on my lap to do that kind of work.
Yesterday I spent at the local quilt shop for their 6 to 6 sew day. It was great fun. It's always more fun to sew with friends that alone at home. I got a top done for my nephews soccer team auction (will pin and quilt that today hopefully), a few rows of my step-daughters Christmas rag quilt done and all my One Block Wonder blocks finished, designed and the rows sewn together, now I just have to figure out exactly how I'm going to finish it. I want to do some kind of applique or something with it.
My husband left this morning for a small camping trip with his buddies. I'm excited for him. He always comes home with some beautiful pictures. Women are not invited to these trip and I wouldn't want to go anyway because they have no running water or flushing toilets. Not my idea of fun.


  1. Barbara, I'm with you on the whole camping thing! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I've enjoyed looking through all of your posts and really like the Cabin Fever quilt. Happy Tension!

  2. Oooooh I like your challenge picture. Good ideas to only show a lil bit!
    I kinda thought you were slacking in your quilting. Yeah Right!!!

  3. I didn't get a picture of your loose threads sample!!!! What was I thinking! I know! I was drunk from Deo's cosmos.....and if you went last, then I was definitely buzzin' and totally forgot!!!! Sorry!!!!!

  4. I can't wait to see the finished quilt. The colors are great and I really like the paint chip challenge idea. Did one person put all the challenge colors together? The fabrics you chose look yummy. I also love the colors in the picture on your blog header.

  5. Hey what a GREAT idea for a quilt group! I hope you don't mind when I swipe it and suggest it with ours! I will give you full credit and a link to your site.


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