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Stylish Hats and Ornaments

Well, now that the holidays are over, I can show everything I've been working on.  First off, my sisters and sister-in-law decided year ago to exchange ornaments each year instead of other gifts - however the ornaments must be hand made.  Here are the ornaments I made.  (Some of these are for my niece and nephews too.)

Here are the ornaments I received.  The wood cut ornament my brother made and the wreath from my little sister.  My older sister made these wonderful family cookbooks (picture to come later) instead of ornaments this year.

Here are some needle savers I made for my art friendship group ladies, Loose Threads.  I didn't get a picture of the wooden reindeer I made for my Material Girls.

Here's the rag quilt I made for my step-daughter.

And on to the stylish hats, my niece asked for hats for Christmas.  When asked what kind of hats, she looked at my sister-in-law and said "Stylish Ones".  Okay - so my mom knitted or crocheted this hat for her.

And I made this fleece hat for her.  (I made the same hat in black for my older sister.)

And my younger sister, Bev, got this hat for her and had it embroidered (along with the apron, a cookbook and spatula.)

But the saddest hat of Christmas was this one.

This is our Jack Russel "The Guy".  He had back paw surgery last Tuesday.  They thought it was cancer and we were looking at amputation or the final sleep, however on the 24th we got the  preliminary reports that the tumor was benign.  Whew!

The saddest part of the holidays for our family was that my mom spent the time in the hospital.  She had a leg infection, and some of the medicine she took effected her kidneys.  She's on the mend and was able to come home on the 26th.  Thankfully it doesn't look like permanent damage on her kidneys.  Now my dad has been having some ear trouble and they think he has Bell Palsey - but his side of his face is swelling and his eye is watering.  He has more test on Thursday. 

Resolutions for 2010 - I have never really done resolutions, but I think this blog might hold me more accountable.  I see some people have projects they want to finish on the side of the blog - thinking of doing that.  We'll see. 

Have a great and safe New Year. 
Sorry this is all centered - can't get it off in blogger for some reason.


  1. I love the ornaments! What a great idea!

  2. Hey you! I haven't checked your blog out for a while... you have been doing so much! Excellent job!!! Everything is adorable and inspiring. Wish I could've seen you at Road and done a show 'n tell. I, too, spent a TON of $$$$ since I didn't go last year and I do have a job now, I thought "what the hell?" and went for it! Fun Fun Fun


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