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Thrifty Quilt and a digital layout

By thrifty, I mean my mom found this quilt top along with a whole lot of quilt blocks, some good, some not so good, for $5. So finally I found the perfect backing fabric on sale and then simply quilted around the "seeds". I was going to quilt in the background, but there wasn't enough room to do something nice. It's super long - 66" by 92" So mom, get ready to have a new quilt when I see you next.

I've also completed a scrapbook page for my younger sister. Sometimes she needs a little help getting caught up so I get some pictures of her to scrap. My folks were recently visiting them up in the Seattle area and they went geo caching at the Kabuto Gardens and these are just the flower pictures they took.

And we have been battling ants at home in the kitchen. I scrubbed the place on Sunday and still they come. So my husband got some strong stuff and we'll see how it works.
Now I have one more quilt pinned but I can't show it until December since it's a challenge quilt for my Material Girls friendship group. I may have to buy some threads for this and another quilt. Oh, poor me.


  1. What a deal you got but how sad too because having made this block it is not an easy one. Someone definetly put some work into it. It is nice that you were able to finish it.

  2. I was wondering when the challenge was due! well, now that you have seen the starts of mine I promise not to put anything else about it on my blog... or at least I will give a "spoiler alert!"

    nice scrapbooking page

  3. What a bargain, and a great scrap quilt, too. I cannot figure out the block. I wonder if it was done in strips?

  4. Hey, are you putting our blogs on the guild website or newsletter? Maybe it could go under show & tell? Dunno, just wondering cuz I made an announcement about my game next week & was wondering if maybe any of the guild ladies would see it and be (maybe?) interested?????

    glad you enjoyed the class; thought about stopping by after my guild meeting but I didn't have time since I found out I was skating tonight in Bakersfield!

  5. What a lucky find .... a gorgeous quilt for your Mom!


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