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Soccer Quilt

Here's the finished quilt I made for my nephew's soccer team auction. I finished the label last night and need to soak it and then dry it and apply it and then make sure it gets to my sister. This is from the book Happy Hour Quilts. It was sooooo easy and didn't take long to make at all and made a nice sized quilt with just 20 blocks. I stippled it since the fabric was busy enough and the backing material is soccer balls.
Also working on my ATC's for guild. The theme this month is music - could be about your favorite song, instrument or whatever. I chose the whatever. I'll post when they are done. They are cut and glued - just need to stitch everything down and do a little painting/writing on them.
My sister also asked for a GPS cover since her last one was stolen right out of the car (with the GPS of course).
Thanks for looking.


  1. Everyone sing with me... My sister's awesome, my sister's awesome, hey, hey, hey, my sister's awesome!

  2. Love this! And love "Happy Hour Quilts" book too! I am collecting fabrics for a black, white, red quilt and this is quite inspirational.

  3. For such simple blocks, there sure is a lot of "bang" to this quilt. Nice. Very nice.


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