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Sister Outdoor Quilt Show

From left to right:  Barbara Sawyer, Elaine Berry, Debbie Van Fossen, me, Diane Mitchell, Janice Minyard & Kathy Morrison
You would think that I would have taken a lot of pictures of the actual show, but I didn't.  On July 2, me and 6 friends headed out from central California and headed to the Portland area.  We stayed there for 2 days and did a little shop hopping in that area and actually looks for a couple barn quilts.

 Of course we visited the Fabric Depot and a few other shops and one of the smallest and most charming quilt stores ever.
Outside the cutest littlest quilt shop ever.

On July 4th we headed to Sisters (stopping at Craft Warehouse on the way) and to an AirBNB house right in Sisters.  Once we settled in, we headed to town to look around.  What a charming city.  So many cute shops.

The next couple days we spent checking out all the quilt stores in the area (there are like 8 of them) and we did the garden tour, and the Black Butte resort had a little quilt show.  And we ate.

We are all part of a bigger group called the Material Girls so we had to take this picture.

A view from one of the houses on the garden tour.  Spectacular!

Black Butte resort quilt show
 And then there was the actual quilt show.  We got there early.  Well my friend Janice got there at 6 am because she wanted to see the show go up.  Then she called the house at 8 am and said get here now - there is parking!  So we got to town about 8:15 and by then most of the quilts were up.

But the thing that amazed me the most, was the view.  Every where you turned, there were snow capped mountains.  Something we don't see too often where I live.

Most of these photos are courtesy of my friends Janice and Diane.  My pictures came out like this.
Kind of became a running joke that week.

Thanks for looking.  Oh and on the quilting front, I have caught up with the Quilt Show's block of the month, and am just finishing up the gingerbread embroidery table runner.


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