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2016 Year In Review (Quilts & Stuff)

But first, look at this.  This is the Bonnie Hunter 2016 annual mystery quilt top (not quilted yet)
 And the first block of the Quilt Show's Block of the Moth.
I went to a friends to sew for 4 days over the new year and I got a lot accomplished.  More that what is above.  But no pictures of those other things.  It was a great weekend.  My friend Janice is a wonderful hostess and Elaine and I both enjoyed all her wonderful recipes she made for us.

I did finally get my 2016 Quilts montage done.   Here are the quilts and other things I finished in 2016.

 This is most of the boutique items I made for the local quilt guild.

I finished 10 of the my resolution list quilts that I posted on the right.
 I'll talk about this list in another post.

Here is all the thread spools I emptied this year.  I decided last January 1 to keep track.

I did get to see my grandkids and have a little Christmas with them last week.  They are growing like a weed and are absolutely beautiful.  Here they are.  Jack likes to keep the surprise as long as he can so he opens all his gifts with his eyes closed.

Thanks for looking.  My 2017 resolution list is being fine tuned.  Again, that will be a whole other post.
Happy New Year!


  1. I am stunned by the amount of work done. Congratulations! Have a healthy and blessed new year. ;^)

  2. Awesome work, Barb! I would have never thought of keeping thread spools! It's certainly one measurement.

  3. Friends and fabric - wonderful combination. Thanks for your encouragement. You kept me going.
    I love to see the photos of your work for the year all at one time. It's always "I forgot about that one."

  4. I think your portrait must be next to the entry for "Productivity" in the dictionary. Outstanding!! :) Now, to enter Best of the Valley! ;)

  5. Wow!!! Love the snapshots & vintage farm girl👏👏👏👏you are so inspiring to me!!!!


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