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2017 Goals

My resolution list (or list of fabric packs or kits) listed below posts was not inspiring me to finish anything on the list.  Maybe because the list is too long and should be even longer since I didn't add a lot of packs/fabrics added in 2016.  So I've narrowed down my list to 15 quilts that I want and/or need to get done.  These are all UFO's or quilts I need to make for gifts.  This does not mean I won't work on other quilts but that I want to try and get all these done by the end of this year.  So here it goes.

1.    Bonnie Hunter En Provence Mystery -top done – need to pin and quilt.  Check out what everyone else's tops look like here at Bonnie Hunter's blog.

2.    Bonnie Hunter Orca Bay-started and scraps set aside so I won't use on anything else

3.    Circle of Illusion – circle done – need to work on how to set it.  Thinking applique in corners.

4.    Halloween embroidery-Embroidery done-need to make something with them

5.    Kurt/Liz Bravo Indigo quilt-Fabric cut and some HST done.

6.    Addy’s I Spy quilt-Fabrics cut
Like this but with red star points and probably pink outer border.
7.    Tumbling Block-all hand PP done and border on – just need to square up and quilt.

8.    FQS Mystery-won’t get all the blocks until June-keeping up monthly.

9.    Quilt Show BOM - Halo Medallion -Just started in January.  Have 1st block done.

10.  Guild Challenge-pick an iconic song and put it in a quilt-Haven’t started but have idea
11.   Guild mystery-have clues.  Haven’t started
12.   Orange/Black Pineapple- Anita Grossman Solomon R2CA class quilt -class in mid-January

13.   Christmas Ornaments 2017-finished 1(of 5 needed)
14.   Twirly Balls-from Sue Garman class in 2015- blocks done – just need to design setting

15.   Miniature Diamond Log Cabin-have a couple sections done.  

Sounds overwhelming when you type it out.  Besides the gift quilts, none of these HAVE to be done so I won't get upset if I don't finish them all.  It will be my challenge.  I have a ton of scraps so I will probably work on some smaller scrap quilts if time permits.  (Orca Bay is one of the scrap quilts.)

Going to Road 2 California quilt show in a couple weeks.  Taking 2 classes.  Anita Grossman Solomon's pineapple class and an EQ7 class.  Going with a few friends and always have a good time.  I have a list of things I need to get.  I finally got my Bernina domestic machine ruler foot so I need to get rulers.  I don't need any fabrics at this point, but that won't stop me from looking and possibly buying.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Nice list. I'm sure you'll make progress!

  2. That is quite a list!! And you find time to work?!! You are an inspiration. I enjoy following your blog. Linda

  3. That's a wonderful collection of projects you have in progress.

    Your mystery quilt is delightful.

  4. I read your list with great interest. So many beautiful projects and so many hours of happy sewing ahead for you. Aren't we lucky to have such a fantastic hobby!


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