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MORE Boutique Items and a couple of things for me...

September is my month that I set aside to make boutique items for our local guilds annual fund raiser, a holiday boutique.  I feel its my responsibility to keep our guild alive (I love great speakers and workshops and our guild is good at that).  Our guild helps our community and learn.  So I try to make as much stuff as I can.  Here are a few more items.

I've made Christmas and Halloween little gift bags, and thought people would give little gifts at Valentines too.

More cord cozies. 

Won these 5" squares at one of the guilds little quilt drawing.  Thought I'd put them to use for the boutique.   It's a small baby quilt.

What little kid wouldn't want an Olaf (of Frozen) quilt?

And for the boys, a little Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle quilt.

An adult size lap quilt for Halloween.

Some fun Minkee baby hats.
I got all my consignment quilts ready to go tonight.  I'm putting a lot of them out to sell.  If one sells I'll be thrilled - but I want to give people options.  :)  I'm happy that there are at least 6 of us who will sell bigger quilts on consignment.  I hope people will understand the reason they will be more expensive than the quilts you see at Target or Bed, Bath & Beyond.  These quilts are unique, hand made with love.  

And now some stuff for me.  When putting my quilting stuff out this past weekend, I didn't have a little quilt for the end of our counter where I keep the fruit bowl.  And bowl has a skeleton on/in it.
And I finally caught up on the Shabby Fabrics Pillow of the Month club.  Well I shouldn't say I caught up  - I still haven't done the Summer one with Watermelons.  I don't really like that one so I'm thinking of parting it out and making some cute pillows as gifts or next years' boutique.

Well that's it.  I might make some other little boutique things.  I do have 10 days, ya know!  I still have the Christmas quilt to machine quilt that I made for consignment but since the lady who asked for it last year said it still wasn't big enough, I don't feel like I have to finish it this year.  I'm in no rush.  It's pinned and ready to go.  After the boutique I'll work on that.

My sisters are coming in a couple weeks.  Really excited to see them.  I only get to see them once or twice a year.  And I know my dad is excited for company.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Sewing up a storm! wow. I've got the postcard, and plan to be there. Goals are good! Can't wait to see everything in person. :)

  2. You are always generous in your quilt donations. Everything looks wonderful! Wish I could be there.

  3. I love your Autumn banner! It's unique and that's so nice to see. You are a very busy stitcher and so active with your guild. SO lucky!


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