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Quilting Diva Retreat and a finish

The title is deceiving. I didn't finish anything at the retreat, but while talking to friends there, realized I never posted a picture of this quilt that I finished a few weeks ago.  I had originally machine quilting the binding down and it was horrible so I took that stitching out and hand stitched it down and then forgot to take a photo.

It's a Thimble Blossoms by Camille Roskelley pattern called Fireworks and a kit from the Fat Quarter Shop.  It is a fat quarter friends pattern.

The Quilting Diva's retreat was this weekend.  It's a bunch of gals who only meet once a year at Wonder Valley.  Such a great group of ladies.  All so kind and nice.  They all gave gifts throughout the weekend and I totally forgot to make anything.  Next year they expect big things from me.  :)

I didn't bring my sewing machine this weekend.  I focused on some hand applique projects.  I did get pieces that I cut at the Coxcomb class at Road all sewn down except for the big center red circle.  I need to get all the other green pieces down before I can sew that one down.
I finished a 2nd egg on my wool Easter applique runner and starch turned more than half the pieces of one block of the Christmas block of the year quilt.  Sorry - didn't get pictures of that or of anything else this weekend.  It started raining today so I got out of there right after lunch.  Glad for the rain.  Came home and took a 3 hour nap.  Just now getting up my energy to do a little stitching on the machine.

Last weekend I spent time with my dad and my brother and family.  It was my nieces 12th birthday.  I can't believe she's 12 already.  I got there Saturday noon we took a little hike, then when shopping on Sunday and model home shopping and then friends from San Jose came and we all went out for dinner in honor of her day.  It was a great weekend.

I was instructed by my doctor to go carb/sugar free for 4 weeks.  I'm just finishing week 3.  I don't feel any different.  I do miss chocolate, pasta and my morning oatmeal.   But I can do it for one more week or so.  You would think I would have dropped a ton of pounds but I only lost 5 the first week, gained 3 the next week and about the same this week.  I am also now on a low dose of blood pressure medicine.  I can tell the difference with that.  My feet and ankles aren't swelling up like they had been.  yeah!

Thanks for looking.


  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend! And the rain, isn't it wonderful?! Glad that the meds are helping. I've tried severely reducing my carbs as well - can't say that I feel any better, and the weight hasn't left. Kind of discouraging. :(

  2. Blood pressure under control….that's a big deal.
    Fun quilt!

  3. Oh Barb, I'm glad you had fun at retreat. I hate getting older, it is so hard to lose weight! Keep up the good work, you are marvelous!

  4. Retreats are always fun.
    Diet restrictions are hard but I'm hoping your blood test will show good results. Hang in there for your next week.


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