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Block of the Month Updates

It's that time of the month to finish all my block of the months.  The first one I worked on this month was the Fat Quarter Shop Designer mystery.

 Then our guild has their monthly block of the month.  Since this was an easy block I thought I might as well.
Pat Sloan's 2015 Vacation Time Mystery.  

 Fat Quarter Shops Snapshot Block of the Month
 And Shabby Fabrics Pillow of the Month club pillow.

Quilting and piecing is such great therapy.  It makes me happy.

Thanks for looking.


  1. You were very busy and got so much accomplished. I'm jealous LOL! The Fat Quarter Shop Designer blocks are gorgeous. Love the fabric you are using. It makes the design so interesting. I am in love with your little pillow. So cute. Great work. Beautiful blocks.

  2. Barbara, your little sewing machine block is adorable! I did a BOM for the first time last year and it really stressed me out and made me feel like I was "behind" all the time. Like I was back in school and had all these late assignments that I still had to make up for partial credit so I wouldn't fail the class... No more BOMs for me! Well, at least no more trying to keep up with BOMs as they are released. Your pillow is lovely, too!

  3. Which comes first? Are you happy because you quilt or quilt because you're happy? Either way it's a win!
    I love you BOMs and am impressed that you keep up. (or catch up quickly)

  4. To Rebecca Grace: My most successful BOM was done with friends. We all bought the same pattern and set the schedule. It was fun.

  5. Great job Barb. Quilting makes me happy too! I love your pillow!

  6. Can't believe you are doing all those blocks of the month! love the first and the pillow and really like all the others!


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