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Cindy Needham Linen Workshop

What a fantastic 5 day workshop with Cindy Needham.  I've taken her one day linen workshop at Road 2 California many years ago and then I was in her design workshop last September and last week, 2 friends and I headed up north to Rancho Cordova for her 5 days linen workshop.  She is such a great teacher - generous, organized, and you are given so much information, with wonderful handouts and she has samples galore for you to pet and touch.

This workshop was so much fun with so many interesting people from all over.  We had a lady from Puerto Rico, Seattle, Massachusettes, Arizona and from all points of California.  Here's a sample of some of these lovely ladies pieces.

And some of the other projects they worked on.

And I got a lot done too.  The first thing I finished was this little wall hanging my sister Beverly pieced using 3 little cross stitch pieces my mother made.  I knew Cindy would have the perfect stencil. 

And then she gave me this piece from Eric's aunt that used to be a pillow that Beverly wanted to use as a table topper.  It's wool and beautifully embroidered.

And of course I marked a bunch of linens (she has a ton of stencils to use) but I did get this one done.

I wish I could say that this piece of linen had some emotional or family connection, but it was a piece I picked up at an antique store during the latest shop hop.  I love it.  And I know I'll use it.  

If you can, take one of her workshops -do it - so worth it.  
Thanks for looking.  Tomorrow I'll post our Loose Threads latest design board challenge quilts.  Another round of amazing quilts.  


  1. wow! Just looking at all that quilting makes me tired! And inspired! So many wonderful pieces in one little blog post. Thank you, Barbara!

  2. So gorgeous!!! So happy you shared this with us. Thank you!

  3. All the pieces look wonderful. You are creative in putting Cindy's stencils together. Sometimes too many choices makes it harder to decide. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. I sure had a nice time Quilting with you last week. But I'm still not recovered yet. I hope to get some quilting done this weekend.


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