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A Nickel Quilt finish - Tillie's Treasure

Finished 5/25/14 (still unnamed)

I started Scrap-Therapy years ago and have boxes and boxes of 5" cut squares.  I have done most of the Scrap-Therapy quilts and needed more ideas of what to do with all my pre-cut scraps.  So in comes the book Nickel Quilts by Pat Speth and Charlene Thode, and then More Nickel Quilts, and then More Nickel Quilts & Borders and Amazing Nickel Quilts.  You get the picture - all kinds of quilts to make using 5" squares.  I fell in love with this pattern (called Tillies Treasure from the 1st book) when I saw a friend making this for her brother.  So I gathered over 600 squares (the inside blocks needs 2 light and 2 dark squares.  My finished quilt measures about 100" square and I LOVE IT and yes, I quilted it all by myself using my new Bernina 750QE.  I had very few problems once I figured out the right needle and tension.

Glad this one is done.  I started it a few months ago when I was at a retreat.  I grabbed it before I left just in case I had time to work on it.  

So this is what has been keeping me busy.  That and child proofing the house because of Needle.  Oh, she's a chewer.  She's ruined a total of 2 pair of shoes and look what she got into this weekend.  
Oh, there was a spool of Connecting Threads (less expensive thread) right next to this one - but she does have expensive taste.  The shoes she chewed were both pretty pricey shoes.   Other than this chewing habit, she's fitting right in.  She's a hoot and brings me lots of joy.  

I haven't seen my grandkids in a few months.  Kelly is good about sending pictures via text but it's not the same thing.  

I know I still owe you pictures of the Loose Threads latest round of design board quilts.  Will work on that soon.  So much to do!  I'm going on the Central Coast Shop Hop this weekend with my shop hop buddies Janice and Elaine.  So excited.  I haven't been to several of the stores on the hop.  

Thanks for looking.


Congratulations on your first quilt on your new machine. Keep focusing on the fun times with Needle.
Quilt Crazy said…
Your quilt is so beautiful! One of these days I will get something done.
Hi. This is your first machine quilting quilt, better than my first one. And bigger too. Good job !
Anonymous said…
Your quilt is BEAUTIFUL!!! Looks like happy scraps. Linda
Chantal said…
I love your Tillies Treasure quilt. Love the scrappy look but also love the block. Will have to keep this one in mind for a future project. Thanks for sharing. Sorry about the shoes and thread!
sewmuchfun said…
Maybe I will see you at the shop hop:)
sewmuchfun said…
Maybe I will see you at the shop hop:)
Suzanne Kistler said…
Love the quilt! So scrap happy!! Aurefil...Needle's thread of choice. Pixel did the same thing to me, but she's a Mettler girl. :)
Quiltedtime said…
Funny, I just sent you an email asking how Needles was doing. Well, the picture says it all. Curry is a Gutermann boy--you know, the expensive variegated colors.
Rebecca Grace said…
Oh, Barbara! I love the quilting designs you used on this quilt! Did you mark them ahead of time? What a beautiful finished quilt. I love my 750 for quilting, too. I'm finishing up the last two blocks of a quilt right now, and I'm really looking forward to the actual quilting part this time instead of dreading "ruining" all my hard work piecing the quilt top.
Gotta love an animal with expensive taste lol!
Elaine said…
I love your Tilly's Treasure. That is the size I am aiming for-so many pieces! It will take awhile.