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Celtic Solstice Update

Clue 1 of Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Solstice Mystery Quilt  is done.  Yea me.  For Clue 2 I had 63 (of 244) blocks done but realized after I posted last that I had them wrong so I had to undo 63 middle seams, turn them around an resew them.  They are horrible.  When I worked on the rest (which I have the background color on, I just need to sew the black squares on and sew the 2 halves together) I sewed the squares on differently that I think worked better for me.  I tried moving my needle over but it was too much for me.  
AND....I have all my 488 half square triangles sewn - they just need the paper torn off and pressed and then I need 60 more pinwheels to make.  I will work on the paper tearing and pressing this next week while visiting with family. I will try to catch up after Christmas.

Off to wrap more presents.  Thanks for looking!


  1. Un-sewing is the worst! Love your colors!

  2. Yea for you! I'm wishing I had used the triangle paper, but I've already cut all my strips.

  3. Wow, that is alot of blocks!! I wonder what the next clues will include :)

  4. So frustrating! Don't you hate it when you get in the groove, then find out it's the wrong groove?!

    Merry Christmas, Barbara.

  5. Sorry that you had to do some ripping. What a drag. I have another blogger friend who is ready to give up on this quilt already. Is it more difficult than some of the others?

  6. Looking good. I just need to press my Chevrons. And today I will start the pinwheels. I'm off work this week. But I see my time felling up fast!


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