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2013 Quilts in Review

I like doing this at the end of each year.  It reminds me that I did more than I remember!

Not a lot done from my resolution list.  But again, I'm okay with that.

Thanks for looking.


The finishes may not be from your resolution list, but again you were very productive during 2013. And these were only quilts you finished, I know you have some more projects in progress.
I'd like to see the ornaments up close.
you need to update your profile to acknowledge your granddaughter!
sewmuchfun said…
Beautiful. Love that you keep track of the beautiful things you have made.
Quiltedtime said…
You are definitely the most prolific quilter I know. I couldn't even fill up one of those squares.
Quilt Crazy said…
I love seeing all the beautiful projects and happenings in your life. Thanks for the memories!
Suzanne Kistler said…
I count 43. "Not a lot done"? Barb, how many were on your list?!!! :)
Love the year-end wrap up photos. Beautiful!!
Rebecca Grace said…
Wow -- you made all of those in ONE year?!! Do you know why I don't do an annual review of quilts post? Because it takes me about a year or longer to make just ONE! Very impressive!