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Patriotic Quilt

I really tried to finish my patriotic quilt on on July 4th.  I did finish the machine quilting and getting the binding on but didn't get the binding down until yesterday.  So much for good intentions.
This was our guilds Row Round Robin quilt which only 3 people signed up, so we decided to do 2 rounds each.  I started with the blocks on the 4th row and when I got it back I added the flag row on the bottom.  The ladies (Adena Joseph and Brenda McCutcheon) did great.  I supplied the white fabric and all I asked is that they use only red and blue fabrics.
Here is a close up of all the blocks.
And a close up of the border quilting.
Now I have to get ready for a retreat this weekend.  Going down south to visit with a friend and do some quilting.  I plan on bringing all handwork - I have some applique I want to work on and get started.

Thanks for looking.  Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July.  My hubby and I stayed home and indoors (since it was 110 degrees outside) and kept our doggies from freaking out when the fireworks started. Oh and our solar is finally up and working and now we can monitor it too.


  1. Gorgeous quilt! I like the variation of the blocks.

    Good for you taking care of your dogs. Yesterday on the news, they said that our local animal shelters are overflowing with lost holiday pets. Seems like folks would figure that one out.

  2. Smart to stay inside, it was very hot! I didn't know you were getting solar. Will you have air conditioning? :)

  3. very nicely done. My fav row is the zig zags. Great selection of the border fabric.


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