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Farmer's Wife Blocks 10-18

Month 2 of making Farmer's Wife blocks.  We (Jeremy, Becky, Adena and I) are making 9 blocks a month and I got 6 completed at Party Party Party on Friday and finished the last 3 tonight.
Here's the latest 9.

And here's what they will kind of look like in the final layout.  Since I am not scanning all the actual fabric I'm using, I have selected similar tones and values of fabrics from the EQ library.
Blocks 1-18
I have also finished the Thimble Town 20 year anniversary challenge quilt - all it needs is a label.  That quilt and about 10 others need labels.  I will need to dedicate a weekend to that project.  And a little boys quilt that I finished the top needs the baby's name embroidered (he was born today) and then I can finish that one.  Too much to do, not enough time.

Thanks for looking.


  1. I am still loving the red and white fabrics on this one. Perfect.

  2. Did you make a quilt for Prince George?! ;)

    Congratulations on all you're getting done. wow! Love the red Farmer's Wife blocks! And I can't wait to see your challenge. Mine is almost ready to baste.

  3. I love your blocks. I can't wait to see the final product. This is beautiful work.

  4. Good job Barb, loving the farmer's block quilt.


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