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March Goals and a new baby

The most exciting thing to happen so far this March is the birth of my new granddaughter Dylan Madee.  She was born right on schedule on March 1st at 4:42 in the morning.  Mom and baby are doing great and big brother is smitten with her.  Here is a photo of Dylan and a video of Jack meeting Dylan.
I get to personally meet her this Sunday.  Grandpa and the Great Grandparents are meeting her today.  Plus Grandpa got Jack a big brother gift - a pedal tractor.  Hopefully Kelly will send me a picture of Jack on his newest toy.

I have been busy quilting but I don't have anything finished yet.  My goals for March are:
1.   Finish my 9 patch pink/orange quilt.  Currently working on piecing a back and hope to pin this weekend
         while visiting my folks.
2.   Finish piecing and quilting my scrappy trip around the world.  Mine will not be as bright and cheery as some I'm seeing in blogland, but I will be using a lot of my strip scraps and that is the main goal.
3.   X-Block quilt for my brother.  I'm taking Patricia Pepe's X-block class tomorrow through our guild and want to get it done this month as well.

Three full sized quilts in one month is doable - considering that one top is done, part of the blocks are done on another.  We'll see.

On another personal note, my mother has been back in the hospital for almost 2 weeks.  She was having trouble breathing which at first they said was pnemonia, then a blood clot, but it was actually Congestive Heart Failure and then while in there she had severe pain in her side and test show she has gall stones.  However they will not be operating on her gall bladder.  They have taken her off her chemo pills (for her Multiple Myeloma) and when she gets out of the hospital (which they hope will be today) she'll go back to the Oncologist to see what their next plan of attack will be for that.  For the CHF she will need to constantly monitor her weight, eat a low sodium diet and take blood thinners now.  And she needs to exercise to get stronger. Right now she just wants to get home to get some rest as sleeping at the hospital is almost impossible.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Adorable how Jack touches his sister's head and face ever so gently. What a good big brother!

  2. Hey Barbara I know you have said publically the size of the challange quilt but I can't seem to find anything on the website, can you tell me again.


  3. Thanks for posting Barbara. Have fun visiting the grand kids. And I hope your Mom does get to go home like planned.

  4. Sweet post, and hugs and prayers to your Mom.

  5. I'm so glad you get to have a little girl in your life. Pure enchantment. Best wishes for your mother's better health.


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