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A Couple More Boutique Items

The president of the guild said we needed more aprons for the boutique and said Christmas ones would be best. I cut out three but only got two done before tonight's guild meeting. I'll get the other one done before the boutique. If not, well.....I've made enough so I won't feel bad.

I spent this past weekend up north visiting my folks and helping my sister-in-law with my brother after his hip and knee replacement surgery. However, he had some complications (blood clot) and is still in the hospital. Yesterday's was the first time he was able to sit or stand without having his blood pressure spike or nearly passing out and today he actually walked (with a physical therapist) for about 30 feet.

My niece had fun playing with my iPad. She's changed the backgrounds of my phone too with fun pictures of herself. We had fun coloring mustaches, devils horns or haloes on each other. The picture above is the picture I get behind all my apps.

Then when I got home I got busy trying to get guild stuff done. While I was ironing I was confronted with this....

He really wanted me to throw him the ball. How could I resist that cute face?

Thanks for looking.


  1. Guy is so cute! I hope your brother gets better soon!


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