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A Retreat at Anna's (and Jeff's)

My friend Anna and her husband moved to a small town east of Magic Mountain in California and had a few friends over to sew for the weekend.  She has a beautiful home with all kinds of space for sleeping and a sewing room that held 9 of us sewing.  It was tight but fun.  Here's a picture of us in the studio.
And here are the things we all worked on.

We all got along great and had such a great time.  Anna's husband is a saint to let 8 ladies come invade his house for a weekend.

I actually didn't bring enough projects so I worked on a one block wonder for Sheila for a bit last night.

I have not done any sewing/quilting since I've been home.  I have swept all my floors and mopped them, it's blazing hot here - over 100 after unpacking and doing the cleaning - I've had no energy.  It's cooling now so I hope to get to something tonight.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Great post of the retreat Barb. We had such a great time!

  2. The time together was wonderful . . . quilting, talking, eating, quilting, talking, eating, etc.

  3. Very cool...looks like everyone had a blast!

  4. So much creativity in one place!! How wonderful!


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