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Bat Crazy

Yep that will the name of this quilt.
I did some stippling which I find pretty hard.  Hard to keep consistent size and move it around items.  But I did it.  Turned out pretty cute in my opinion. 

Here's a picture of my girls running to the finished line of the Shop Hop.
And once in the shop, Jeremy of Thimble Towne in Visalia had a fun photo booth.
It was good to be home!

What can be better than finishing a quilt after a fun weekend.

Thanks for looking. 

2nd Annual Heart of the Valley Shop Hop

We finished the hop today.  What fun.  We laughed so much.  Here's a picture of the 4 of us at each of the stores on the hop holding our Thimble Towne (quilt store in Visalia, CA).
We texted Jeremy, the owner of Thimble Towne, each of these these photos showing him we were using our bags.  We ended our hop at Thimble Towne in Visalia this afternoon.  When we got there Jeremy and Becky put a finish line out for us to run through.  Too funny.  Once inside we got to enjoy all the fun he had for the masses in the store.  Once he either sends the picture of us crossing the line or puts on his blog I'll post it here. 

Now for shopping, I really didn't think I bought that much but when you lay it all out, yikes!  It was hard finding room to put all of it.

Just a great weekend.  Now I have to get to my bank and update my checking account.  Not really looking forward to that one.  

And Debbie, remember, be nice to me... I have a great shot of you in the car that you wouldn't wan…

Heart of the Valley Quilt Shop Hop

Today was day one of the Central California's Heart of the Valley Quilt Shop Hop.  Me and three friends left and one pm and went south - first to Maricopa (love that shop), then to Bakersfield to see 3 quilt shops there.  Strawberry Patches (great if you have young kids), To Quilt and Sew and then to a new store, not officially on the hop, called Bolts to Bindings.  A great new store - one we'll definitely have to visit again.  The ladies were friendly and like I said they weren't on the "hop" but had goodies to eat and drink and gift bags and a drawing for a basket  Above and beyond.  Great selection of fabrics too.

Pictures - well do I dare show what I bought today?  Nope.  You'll have to wait for the big haul.  I'm collecting fun fabrics so I can make my grandson an I Spy quilt so I'm looking for FQ's with big fun prints to use.  Amazing that a lot of stores don't sell Fat Quarters anymore. 

So we're also taking pictures of our group in…

I Am a Molehill Among Mountains (photo heavy)

First of all, I spent all of Saturday on my embroidery machine making these wonderful ipod/iphone cases.  I will be donating these to our guild for their annual sale in July at the Lemoore Park.  See the Hawaiian print case hiding in the back?  The directions tell you 2 times in red print - to move the zipper part over to the middle of the case.  The second one I forgot.  So this one, the zipper doesn't work.  My friend Debbie said she'd take that one for her camera. 
These are all "in the hoop" designs from DigiStitches and go real fast. 

Now for the mountain/molehill thing.  I belong to an art group called Loose Threads.  They are such true artists and humble me each time we meet.  Here's a comparison.  Two months ago we had to do pin tucks or tucks using any method and the inspiration word was wave.  Here's what the other ladies have created.

Here's mine.
Mind you this is only like 4" long and maybe 12" wide.  And it's from a panel.  Yea, …

Vintage Postcard quilt and Lil Twister and....

Done.  Finished.  Well, I still have to do labels.  Will drag the embroidery machine out this weekend to work on that and some stuff for guild.  But glad I got these things done.  I still have the Halloween quilt top pinned and ready to go.
This is the 3rd Vintage Postcard quilt I've finished (of 12).  The patterns are from Fig Tree Quilts.  They are super easy as I'm just using fusible.  But they are cute and I have the perfect spot in my hallway for the these monthly quilts.  (And this is one of my resolution quilts I get to check off on the right side of blog.)
This is the Lil Twister.  It starts with 5" squares and you use a special square ruler to make these unique blocks.  Pretty easy - just looks complicated.  I first saw these at Canton Village Quilt Works blog and ordered it along with 5" solid squares.  I used a wonderful variagated thread for the outer border to quilt a big feather.  Debated on if I should take it out and use black thread.  Decided to keep i…

Visalia Dames Retreat (and some)

A new "mini-semi-quasi-friendship group" Visalia Dames had a retreat in Visalia this past weekend.  We had room for a couple extra people so we invited them as well.  It was in our little home in Cambria and it was just a spectacular weekend weather-wise and every other way too.  We all got so much done, the conversations were interesting, and the food , oh the food.  So much food.  Good food.
Anyway here's what we accomplished this weekend.

The first person to finish something was Deolinda.  She finished the veggie/fruit coasters first and then the baby quilt (middle picture) and then the rose quilt after that.  Before we left she was working on her Raider quilt but didn't finish that.

Barbara Brown worked all weekend on the binding on the brown/blue quilt.  She had to sew the binding down and hand sew the binding down.  And in between that she whipped up this sweet little flannel quilt top.  Just adorbs.

Debbie had all the applique pieces turned and glued down and spe…