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I Am a Molehill Among Mountains (photo heavy)

First of all, I spent all of Saturday on my embroidery machine making these wonderful ipod/iphone cases.  I will be donating these to our guild for their annual sale in July at the Lemoore Park.  See the Hawaiian print case hiding in the back?  The directions tell you 2 times in red print - to move the zipper part over to the middle of the case.  The second one I forgot.  So this one, the zipper doesn't work.  My friend Debbie said she'd take that one for her camera. 
These are all "in the hoop" designs from DigiStitches and go real fast. 

Now for the mountain/molehill thing.  I belong to an art group called Loose Threads.  They are such true artists and humble me each time we meet.  Here's a comparison.  Two months ago we had to do pin tucks or tucks using any method and the inspiration word was wave.  Here's what the other ladies have created.
Grace's finished



Janices (Not finished yet)

Here's mine.
Mind you this is only like 4" long and maybe 12" wide.  And it's from a panel.  Yea, see what I mean.  Mine's cute and fun but not really art.  Remember these pictures don't show you all the wonderful detail in their quilts.  Anna's is beaded heavily, as is Sara's, Karen's wave is thread heavy and I know Barbara Sawyer did one but I can't find a picture of hers.

Anyway, this month our inspiration word was Rejoice and the technique was thread play or thread lace.  Here's what they made. 
Barbara Sawyers (not done yet)

Grace - she needs to put on a quilt but so cool.

Another one of Grace's



Sara - she will put on a postcard (said she had a hard time with the word)

Anna's (amazing close up)
And again, here's mine.  And keep in mind that mine is maybe a 5" wide x 4" tall piece. 
I'm not saying mine are horrible just not awe inspiring. 
Then it was Grace's birthday and she wanted 6" strips, any length with a theme of Garden. 
Here's what we all made for her.
Sara's (combining 2 of Graces favorite things)

Barbara Sawyer




I want to be them when I grow up. We are going to try some new challenge after next month.  Too tired to explain it now but if you get Quilting Arts magazine, they had an article about a whisper challenge and we are going to do that.
Thanks for looking.


  1. Love the pictures! Y'all are inspirational...and productive!!

  2. Wow, that is alot of work! Amazing how everyone does something so different. Love ALL of the quilts:)

  3. You want to be like them?!!! I think it's like the grass on the other side of the fence!! You ALL have great imaginations.

  4. Don't put yourself down! They are all wonderful. Including yours.


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