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Cracked and a touch of Fairy

Tonight my art friendship group met (Loose Threads) to exchange our whisper quilts.  But since we can't show what we made (until the big reveal next year) we exchanged Sara's birthday strips.  She asked for 6" x 30" (or about) strips for her birthday with the theme cracked.  She even made one for herself.
Anna made the one on the left and Sara made the one on the right for herself.  

Grace made this for her.

Karen's piece - this is hopscotch.

Here they are together
I showed mine on the last post.  What an interesting theme and what great pieces.  Sara's had a wonderful quote - I should have written it down - maybe she'll post it in the comment section.  You might be able to read some of it if you click on the picture.

Then last time we met we gave Karen her fairy quilts for her birthday, but Anna hadn't finished hers. Here's what she made her.  She used an ornament for the fairy - quite impressive.  Karen loved it Anna as did we all.  For someone who really didn't want to do a fairy quilt - it rocked.

I'm so proud to be a part of this group.  I saw a quote on Pinterest that I pinned that said "Comparison is a the Thief of Joy". more comparing myself with these talented ladies.  We all have special gifts and talents that really come through our art.  Thanks ladies for letting me be part of this group.

Now on to folding laundry.  :(

Thanks for looking.


  1. Thanks for posting everyones. I wish I could have been there. Don't think that we don't envy your work too because we do. You are a fantastic artist!

  2. You are also a fantastic blogger. Thanks for posting the pix from last night so quickly. Here's the quote from a Leonard Cohen song that inspired my "Cracks" theme....Ring the bells the bells the bells, that still can ring ring ring. Forget your perfect offering. There is a crack a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in."


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