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Two posts in one day..

wow.  As promised here are the Loose Thread pictures.  But first...
I think he liked it.

Now on to Loose Threads.  We have all been working on our Whisper Challenges but we aren't allowed to share them until we reveal next year.  But in the mean time, there are birthdays and for each of our birthdays we give gifts.  Here's what Karen Taber got - she wanted quilts with fairies on it.

This is what I made for her.

Grace Hoya made for Karen

Sara Kelly made a wing quilt for her.

Barbara Sawyer played with her inks and made this.
Now Barbara Sawyer wanted something horizontal to hang on a new rack she has in her kitchen.
I made another of these paper pieced leafs (pattern from Deb Karasik)

Sara Kelly made this for Barbara
 A close up.

Karen Taber made this one.

Grace Hoya made this for Barbara
We exchange our challenges next month and also bring our quilts for Sara's birthday - her theme --cracked.  I have ideas.  I have not worked on either yet.  I am in a machine quilting mode.  2 or 3 more days on the Pop Art quilt and then the dessert quilt and then hopefully will work on the challenge and birthday gifts.

Thanks for looking.


  1. I definitely think Lucas likes his quilt!

  2. Love the quilt you made for Lucas and that Faries Quilt you made is so nice!!! I love the colors you used and the embroidery is so beautiful. All of the projects look so Beautiful!!


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