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Quick Quilt

Really quick - I started this baby on Friday night and finished hand sewing the binding down last night (Tuesday).

My boss asked me last year if I would make a quilt for his son's birthday in his school colors and I said sure.  In January at Road 2 California I purchased a bunch of blue and gold fabrics and then it sat.  Last week, he asked me if I remember him asking about a quilt for Lucas and I said sure, I have all the fabrics.  He said you know his birthday is next week.  I said oh, I forgot when.  So Friday night at Party Party Party (6 pm to 2 am sew night at our local quilt shop) I put this super easy quilt top together.  It's from the Happy Hour quilt book.  Pinned it Sunday afternoon and started meandering quilting that night and finished it Monday night and did a bias binding --because it's a striped fabric and my friend Elaine said I HAD to do it on the bias.  :)   I hadn't done a bias binding in a long time and it took me a while to figure out the continuous binding technique at the size I needed it.  Anyway, it's done and wrapped and ready to give to him today, his birthday.  It's called Cuggle Koldre.  My boss named it.  Cuggle because that's what his son used to ask him, can we cuggle daddy? and Koldre which is blanket in Yiddish.  They aren't Jewish but that's Greg--find a different name for something.

Tonight I'll post some pictures from the Loose Threads meeting from last week where we gave Karen T and Barbara S their birthday quilts.  (I'd post them now but I'm at work.  shhhh  don't tell my boss.

Thanks for looking.


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