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A peek at what I'm working on...

The Loose Threads Art group meets next Tuesday and we were to use some metals in our piece with the inspiration word of sunshine.  Here's a peek at my piece.  Yes, it's done!

Then I started working on 2 of the 3 birthday pieces due in August.  Here's a snippet of what I've done.  The tops are done, they are pinned and just waiting to be quilted.  Not telling who they are for either.  :)

And then my friend Deolinda asked me to machine quilt this baby quilt.  I am almost done with the block quilting and need to figure out what to do on the border. This still has the marking pen marks on it.  I used Valdani's variegated thread in pastel colors (called Early Spring).  I love these threads but wish they were a bit thinner, but the colors, oh my.

On the family scene, my mom started her next regimen of chemo pills and was doing great for the first 3 or 4 days, even baked some cookies, went out to dinner and then last night her face was itchy again so she got up in the middle of the night to put some cream on it and passed out (blood pressure dropped again) and hit her head this time.  She's back in the hospital, probably for another 3 days and they will do more test to get to the bottom of the blood pressure problems.  She also got 2 stitches on her head.  Please pray that the oncologist, the kidney doctor and the other doctor at the hospital can figure out the best course of action for her.  Pray for my dad as well.  This has been hard on him and I'm sure very frustrating.  Not sure if/when to call 911 or the doctor, along with all the other things he has to worry about.  Still waiting to find out when he'll have his other leg stinted.  I hope soon because he said the leg they did already feels better.  And a big thanks to my sister Brenda for being there these past few weeks.  Depending on how my mom is doing when she gets out, I may go up to stay for a few days next week.  Then the week after that my little sister and her son will be coming to visit.

And for an element of cuteness on the blog, here's my grandson.  He was fighting crime Batman style this past Sunday.  He's trying super hard to crawl.  It's fun to see videos of him on his blog trying to crawl and make funny faces and noises.

Thanks for looking!


  1. So sorry to hear about your mom! It's so hard to be faraway, especially when she's in the middle of such a battle. We went through it with my mom, and I'd never wish that on anyone.

    Love Batman! What a cutie!!!

  2. Had fun with you today! I love the quilting on the Baby Quilt. And Jack is adorable!

    Prayers for your family!

  3. Sure hope your lovely mother and father make it through this latest battle. Jack's a doll. Can't wait to see your metal sunshine piece.


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