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I'm still here and I've been busy

but have no pictures to share again.  I am almost done with the "whisper challenge" quilt, which I won't be able to show a picture of for a year.  All that is left to do is sew down the binding, put on the sleeve and label.  Then I hope to also hand sew the yo-yo's for my Dresden plate quilt tonight and pin it tomorrow and quilt it and be done with that one this weekend!  Then I have to start working on the rest of my Lemoyne stars for the next Vintage Moments class.

My sister commissioned me to sew her a laptop bag and we bought all the fabric and parts for that this weekend while she was down visiting my folks.  I got the car headliner foam today at lunch and maybe I'll even get that started this weekend.

I had a great visit with my little sister and her son, my folks and my brother and his family this weekend.  My mom is doing good - building up strength for the next round of chemo or whatever they decide to do this time.  My little sister was great and made all kinds of great meals - always extra to freeze for when my mom doesn't feel up to cooking.  Her son is so easy going sometimes you hardly know he's there.  I won 3 out of 5 Scrabble games against my sister-in-law Marcy - it's unusual for me to win so that was quite a treat.  We also drove north a bit on Sunday (my sister, mom, nephew and I) to see Kelly, Chad and my grandson Jack.  He's 8 months old and growing like a weed.  Didn't get any pictures of me and him this time.  He was a little overwhelmed with all the company (because my in-laws were also there) so no one really got to hold him without him fussing for his mom and dad.


  1. glad to hear your Mom is doing ok. Sounds like you will have a busy sewing weekend:)


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