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Loose Threads-March 2011

So my art quilt group met this past week and our project was pleats with inserts (trim, other fabric, etc.)  Anna was even kind enough to give us all a baggie full of fun trims.  The inspiration word was passion.  I'll show my piece and the others' and explain mine later in the post.  Pictures from iphone so not best quality.
Anna's ( to see better pic)

Barbara Sawyer sample

Barbara Sawyer (almost done)

Karen Taber

Sara Kelly (
All were incredible (Sara's is not quite done but keep checking her blog for when she posts a better picturej.  You can also see a better picture of Anna's on her blog).  Passion was the word however, my only passion is quilting so anything would work.  However, when we got the trim the month before, the first piece of trim I saw was the one I used for the mustache and that idea stuck in my head and that is all I could think about doing.  It's kind of a silly piece but I like it.  I guess I'm going to name it 'Boy Crazy". 

So my sister and her hubby and son are coming for a visit and I get to take 2 days off of work to play with them. But before I do that, I'm going to visit my grandson.  I ordered pictures finally from his professional photo shoot - this is one that I just love. 
I haven't seen him since January so I'm super excited.  I bought him a little easter bunny today (not real) and I'll be able to give him the book and whistle I got for him when we were at the Grand Canyon.  My niece Claire is going to come with me too.  I'll be taking lots of pictures I'm sure.

On the quilting part of my life (other than the art part above) I finally finished the top using the Jo Morton Coventry fabric using the Abraham Lincoln pattern and templates.  I pinned it last night and will start quilting it next week.  I also have pinned some postcards that need to be quilted - hopefully will get those quilted and done tonight.  Now I get to think of what I want to work on next.   So many choices.  Do I dare show you my cabinet with projects....Sure why not.
There are two layers plus two single cabinets on each side of these two rows.  Yep, I have a lot of choices.  Remember this is just project boxes.  I have a bigger cabinet full of fabrics sorted by color.  :)

I also finished my scrapbook page of my niece - it's her Interview at 8. 

Thanks for looking.



  1. Thank you for keeping us updated on your projects. Your Grandson is adorable!

  2. Great Post, Your grandson is a doll...

  3. I look forward to seeing you at the show. :) It's shaping up to be a good one!!

  4. Love all of your posts. Jack is so cute!


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