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8 Year Old Birthday Party and 4 quilts in the Quilt Show! Yea! Oh and Spamalot.

What a busy week I've had.  I went to visit my folks this weekend - not only was it the Almond Blossom Festival in the big town of Ripon, California (went to the parade) my niece Claire turned 8 and I was the official photographer and am now on the top of her favorite aunt list.  Here's me and Claire.
My niece Claire

It was a chef party and here are all the girls

Me and Claire
It was a fun party -each girl got to decorate their own chef's hat, each got an apron with their name on it (and no I didn't make them her Grandma Marcia and her mom did all that work), they made their own lemonade, pizza, decorated their own cake and then had smell and taste tests.  My sis-in-law did a great job with the party.

Then on Tuesday night, my art group met and we revealed our "soul" project.  I didn't get mine finished and I'll show it later when it's done, but here are Karen's (not quite finished either), Anna's, also not quite finished, Sara's, Barbara Sawyers, and I was sure I got picture of Janices (pieces) but they aren't on my camera. .  Grace made some flowers but didn't put in a piece (yet).
Anna's - she had more flowers and a title to add (Heart and Soul)


Karen - she still needs to add her dimensional pieces

Sara's (sole)

Barbara Sawyer
Wednesday night I went to see Spamalot at the Saroyan theater in Fresno.  What a hoot!  I need to rent the Monty Python Holy Grail movie now.

Tonight was guild and Judy Sisneros was our guest speaker.  She's incredible and has a nice show.  I am also taking her 9 Patch Pizzazz class on Saturday.  Check out her website (google her - I'm too tired to find the link for you.)  And I'll report on the class over the weekend.

But the GREAT news was, I got my notice from the Best of the Valley Quilt show that my 4 quilts got accepted.  Wahoo!

Tomorrow I get to stay home (after work) and I will probably just get ready for class on Saturday.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Great picture of Claire and her favorite auntie (as Brenda has said, I resign from the running). And I LOVE Karen's hand project but you would expect that from me!


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