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Somewhere Over The Rainbow

I'm thinking over that rainbow you would find a quilt like this.
It's rather big - about 80 x 90.  And easy and it got rid of a lot of my strips.  I have (or had) a 15" x 14" x 7" box full, I mean full, of strips.  I sorted them by color and just starting adding strips to foundation papers.  I did  keep one 1 1/2" white strip down the middle of each square.  You would think a quilt this big would have emptied my strip box, but it's still half full and I still have a hat box filled with light strips.  I quilted it easily with a spirally square in each big block with variegated thread.  I didn't mark and I didn't worry if the lines were too straight.  I'm not going to enter this for any awards and it will be used on my bed at some point with dogs sleeping all over it so I didn't want to spend a lot of time quilting it.  Since I'm not religious about prewashing my fabrics, I'm hoping none of them run.  I'll throw a couple of color catchers just in case. 

I finished Sara's ribbon piece --at least the 63" I did.  Can't show it yet though because she won't get it until next week.  Not sure if she reads my blog but just in case she picture.

Anyway, I have a few smaller projects to finish for guild (BOM and postcard) and a quilt that is pinned and ready to quilt and then I'm gonna {gasp} paper scrapbook for a week or so.  That means putting up all my quilting stuff and pull out all my scrapping stuff.  I've been going through some magazines for ideas and inspiration and it inspired me to get scrapping (with paper this time).

Thanks for looking.


  1. That looks great! I like the white strip down the center.

  2. WOW that turned out so nice and a good use of color. The white strip ties it all together.

  3. Now that I'm guild historian, I have started scrapping again. But still am quilting too:0 Love the scrap quilt!

  4. I like this! It turned out great!
    A super way to use up the bits that you just can't seem to throw away. Thanks for the neat scrap busting idea!


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