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Road To California 2010

I did some damage to my wallet at Road to California this year.  I consolidated the photos so it wouldn't look like so much.  Luckily I went with a plan and I didn't veer too much from it. 

I didn't just shop either, I did take 2 classes.  The first was the "Painting with ink" class from Patt Blair.  She's a wonderful teacher and very talented.  Here's what I finished in class.

The second class I took was from Joanie Zeier Poole, it was all about designing, adapting and marking quilting designs.  (Thanks to Sue--I got this class because she couldn't make it and needed someone to fill the space).   I learned alot.  We didn't sew - but we all brought the same size piece to work on and each got to play with drawing designs on paper.  This is what I created.  I used the fabric to help me chose a design. 

The show itself was fantastic.  I took lots of pictures. I had a friend who had a quilt in the show--here's a picture of her with her quilt.  Hers is the cherry blossom quilt on the bottom.  She unfortunately didn't get a ribbon - but she was very honored to have a piece accepted. 

I also helped her start a blog - she has a lot to share about quilting since she's a quilt teacher and artist extraordinairre.  So excited to see what she does with it.  She is also going to be the featured artist at the Best of the Valley Quilt show in April.  She's nervous and excited - but as her friends we're all very thrilled for her.

Anyhow, I need to start quilting - I have so much to do.


  1. I've been checking in to see what you got... Did your resolution quilt list get longer or did this trip just help you take a step closer?

  2. Great pics, thanks for sharing! Also, thanks for the link to BOTV. It's going to be here before we know it!!!

  3. Greats pics and ideas. I so want to do an aqua and red as well. Such good color combos but I have so many on the table as is lol! Like that ever really matters though :)

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