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I'm a lucky girl!

This is my custom built cabinet made by my husband and father-in-law.  I had a nice cutting table before but there was so much wasted space under the table, so after much research and discussions with my father-in-law, I asked if it would be possible to put kitchen cabinets back to back on a rolling base and they said sure.  One of the cabinets I wanted had all these flat drawers which I thought would be perfect for all my stamps and scrapbooking stuff - so my mother-in-law said, just get the basic cabinet and Al can custom build the drawers.  (Nice of her to offer!)  So after waiting for a sale at Home Depot for the ready-made cabinets, and the time for the men to make it--I finally have a finished cabinet.  I spent yesterday painting the trim around the edge and the flat cabinet drawers and then it was all about filling it up.  All this stuff was sitting on the floor and it started hiding my quilts on my rack and also I had about 4 or 5 of those plastic iris carts filled with scrapbook stuff.  I have made one side of the cabinet scrapping and the other quilting.  Can I just say how cool this is? 

On a quilting note, I took Barbara Dieges' Twisted Bargello class on Saturday (guild sponsored class) and I finished the inside of the top, it just needs borders and then quilting.  However, I am on a roll for organizing and I plan on going thru each of my fabric boxes (in my other cabinets you don't see and was also custom built by my father-in-law years ago) and refold and organize everything and cut up the smaller pieces into scrap therapy squares.  We'll see.  I did my yellow/browns last night and it was my smallest box and I have a huge file of fabric scraps to cut. 

But for some pretty things- here are my ATC's that I traded at the guild meeting last Thursday.  The theme was cornucopia - fruits and veggies. 

Enjoy your day.  See ya when I finish my next quilt - or maybe when I finally organize all my fabric boxes.


  1. I'm in love with your new sewing room cabinets & counters. Aaah. Can your family adopt me?
    Can I give a kidney or some other item of value? Aaah. I think I'll put your photos of your lovely sewing room cabinets as my screen saver. Just lovely.

    Congratulations. I really am very happy for you!


  2. It looks great!! You are a very lucky girl!! Enjoy and good luck with the organizing!

  3. so, uh, yeah, when are you needing a house sitter next cuz i wanna use your sewing room. i'm just sayin =)

  4. Wow! You are a lucky girl!! Enjoy organizing your new space.

    Jennifer :)

  5. Love your sewing room cabinet...yummy! How lucky you are!


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