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Another Scrap Therapy Quilt finished

This is the Lightening Strikes Twice pattern from
I wasn't sure about the pattern from the pictures on the pattern, but when the owner of the quilt shop where I take Scrap Therapy did it, I really liked it.  I love how I got rid of so many scraps for this quilt.  The only material I had to buy was the outer border fabric and the backing (which I got at $4 per yard.).  I think this is a pattern I might even do again.  Makes a good sized quilt and looks more complicated than it is.

And here is one I really can't take much credit for.  I bought the blue work pattern when I went to Massachusetts a few years ago, meaning to make something for the beach house.  However my mother-in-law did a redwork pattern, liked it and asked if I had anything for her to work on.  Plus she wanted a new table runner for the the beach house table so I showed her this and off she went.  She did everything but the quilting and binding.  That I did for her.  I love how it turned out.  Exactly how I imagined it when I bought the pattern.  (By the way, the pattern is called "Out of the Blue" Bluework Seashells by Blueberry Hill Quilt Designs.)

The wedding photographer from Kelly and Chad's wedding in the Bahamas has some of the photos on his blog.  The link is here Sylvan Gentile Photographer   He did such a beautiful job on the photos and these are just the photos on his blog.  I can't wait to see the full portfolio of the wedding.

We had one, yes ONE, trick-or-treater last night.  A cute little devil girl came to our door about 5:30.  We normally don't get any because we live on a street without any street lights, and I tease my husband each year because he buys at least 2 bags of candy.  At least this time it came in handy.  He is responsible for either hiding or getting rid of the remaining candy so I don't get any.

Until my next finished product.....


  1. Your Lightning quilt is gorgeous!! Love it!!

  2. Love Lightning Strikes Twice in the pinks! Great job!! And yes, I agree, it's a lot easier to make than it looks! - Joan Ford

  3. Wow!! the lightning quilt is amazing!! I think that requires a bit more skill then being able to sew in a straight line!!


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